"Please be careful with me. Sometimes I just get sad and I don’t know why. I’m sorry."

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A pastor in Seoul, South Korea has created a “baby box” for people so that people who would otherwise abandon or kill their newborns can leave them somewhere safe instead. The box has a light, a towel lining, and a bell rings as soon as a baby is placed in it so the pastor, his wife, or one of his staff can come and get it right away.

Lee Jong-rak started the box in 2009, and has welcomed all babies, often disabled or the children of single mothers, that have been placed in the box since. The babies are given a loving home, food, and shelter in his orphanage. Currently, an average of 17-18 babies are placed in the box every month. 

One mother who had considered poisoning her baby before she heard about the Baby Box left her baby in the box with a letter pinned to his clothing that read: 

‘My baby! Mom is so sorry.
I am so sorry to make this decision.
My son! I hope you to meet great parents,
And I am very very sorry.
I don’t deserve to say a word.
sorry, sorry, and I love you my son.
Mom loves you more than anything else.
I leave you here because I don’t know who your father is.
I used to think about something bad but I guess this box is safer for you.
That’s why I decided to leave you here.
My son, Please forgive me.’

- ‘A single mother’s tearful letter’

Lee Jong-rak is the subject of a documentary called “The Drop Box”, which I haven’t seen - but I can recommend this 13 minute Dateline video. You can find the Facebook page for the BabyBox here.


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Everyone watch this


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So I was shooting on this roof earlier and this couple randomly comes out from that door and are playing and running to and from each other for like 20 minutes. They looked like little kids, It was so cute I wanted to cry. 

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An empress would suit you, yes?

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 (Akane) is now a high-end Japanese model who’s career recently took off after participating in this year’s Tokyo Fashion Week, being revealed as a model for Alice Auaa’s A/W 2014-15 collection. Modelling was never Akane’s dream, it was just the only area she seemed to succeed in which is why at seventeen she made the choice to run away and pursue it, being blissfully unaware of how ugly the industry could be. The reason Akane ran away from home in the first place was simple, she was a doorstep baby who got turned in to an orphanage just to be handed over to a former addict who snapped and became abusive when she couldn’t get her fix.

A big part of the industry is to make the work invisible, to make being beautiful and glamorous seem effortless. Many people hardly consider modelling a job or take the models themselves seriously because of this. When her career as a model first began, she wasn’t earning nearly enough as she expected to or to get her by and both witnessed and experienced some horrible things such as sexual coercion, wage theft, eating disorders, drug addictions and as she worked her way up, the pros and cons of plastic surgery. Maintaining the required physique was impossible, so turning to these extremes was required to excel or in Akane’s case, stay on top.

This struggle was ongoing, a cycle without a break. There were times when Akane questioned herself, wondering if her efforts were worth it and whether or not they would get her anywhere when she was competing against so many others. That’s when by chance she ran into Yasutaka Funakoshi, founder and designer of fashion brand Alice Auaa at an after party one night when she was at her lowest point. It was that night that they exchanged stories, his being one that moved her more than she could ever express and gave her hope when she had none. He took her under his wing and they soon became close friends, which is how Akane came to be as successful as she is today.

As a person, she knows exactly what she wants in life and will settle for nothing less because she believes that is every person’s right. Often mistaken for arrogant, cold and rude but she pays no mind as it is a sheild she has wielded to protect herself and intimidate competition but that doesn’t mean she isn’t impossible to get to know, catch her interest and slowly lower your guard, chances are that she will do the same.

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I would say a Queen, but you do that every day. A soldier maybe?

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Dear Person:

I went to my inbox and I saw that, I blurred it just because I think it’s not appropriate to actually post it as it is. I just want to say a few things. In my culture this is not okay, I don’t know where are you from, if sending nudes is okay without even asking if I wanted to see it. I’m not feeling comfortable with this, with anything like this. If you want me to notice you, ask me stuff, talk to me, that’s the way someone notice you but yes, well, I know your boobs now, I noticed you but not in the right way. Now you can send me hate saying that men can be shirtless and it’s okay, so why girls can’t. I get it, but someone’s rights end when some other’s begins. I’m not talking about gender or anything like that, I’m talking about liberty.

I do like boobs, but I like women first, I like feminity first, and doing this I dislike you as a woman. And I’m not even sorry to say it, this is not okay. Do whatever you want with your body but stay out from my askbox. 

And about your friend’ blog, well. You shouldn’t use it in the first place, not for this. I’m sorry if your friend is real, since I don’t even know who you are.

This not rewards me, love rewards me, friends rewards me, health rewards me, music, family, nature rewards me. But you crossed the line, between this, Tumblr, and my private life.

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